TV Schedule

05.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Return to Amish Rebel Without a Clue TV-14, CC Jeremiah makes an impactful decision regarding his life. Meanwhile, Andrew lets loose in an interesting way at his bachelor party while Chapel goes wedding dress shopping. And Mary and Chester unleash unexpected news.
06.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Return to Amish Second Chances TV-14, CC Andrew and Chapel prepare for their big day, but nothing runs smoothly! Rebecca gives some important advice, while Abe worries about the wedding activities. Meanwhile, Jeremiah makes a final commitment and will Chester and Mary show up for the big day?
07.00 PM (60 Minutes)
Return to Amish The Shunning Truth TV-14, CC The men and women of Return to Amish are together again for a revealing one-hour reunion special. Hosted by Michelle Beadle, we'll delve into the lives of each person and hear what they've been up to since the show ended.