The Little Couple

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Jen takes her mom and daughter with her to the spa for a pedicure before the vow ceremony.
The new season of The Little Couple picks up with Bill and Jen's difficult journey to start a family. The couple is also finishing their new house and exploring the possibility of launching a new business--all while balancing their already-hectic schedules!
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Tuesday Oct 21 07.00 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple Getting Back on Track TV-PG, CC Some time has passed since The Little Couple received news of their surrogate Cindy's miscarriage. Now, Bill and Jen are ready to move forward, determined to make their family dreams a reality, but will their surrogate feel the same way?
Tuesday Oct 21 07.30 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple A Little Thanks TV-PG, CC It is Bill and Jen’s first Thanksgiving in their new home and what better way to test out the custom made kitchen than by hosting a dinner for their friends on the big day.
Wednesday Oct 22 07.00 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple Man Cave/Woman Cave TV-PG, CC Bill and Jen have been loving their new home but find that there's a few more details that can use a personal touch .Bill refinishes the floor of the garage to start turning it into his man cave and Jen decorates her closet to make it her woman cave.
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