The Little Couple

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Bill and Jen talk about Zoey's favorite and least favorite foods.
The new season of The Little Couple picks up with Bill and Jen's difficult journey to start a family. The couple is also finishing their new house and exploring the possibility of launching a new business--all while balancing their already-hectic schedules!
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Sunday Apr 20 01.00 PM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple Time Out For Will TV-PG, CC After waiting for news about their pending adoption of their soon-to-be daughter Zoey, the Little Couple receives some promising news from India! But before their family of three will become four, Jen wants to get in more bonding time with Will.
Sunday Apr 20 01.30 PM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple Making a Splash TV-PG, CC Since arriving in Texas, Will has gained a lot of confidence and independence in navigating his new home. But with independence comes new hazards - specifically, the backyard pool. So Bill & Jen decides it's time for Will to learn how to swim.
Sunday Apr 20 02.00 PM (60Minutes)
The Little Couple Countdown to India TV-PG, CC The Little Couple’s family is about to get bigger as they prepare to travel to India to adopt their daughter, Zoey. But first, Bill and Jen have a laundry list of things they need to get done before their big trip.
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