The Little Couple

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Jen takes her mom and daughter with her to the spa for a pedicure before the vow ceremony.
The new season of The Little Couple picks up with Bill and Jen's difficult journey to start a family. The couple is also finishing their new house and exploring the possibility of launching a new business--all while balancing their already-hectic schedules!
Show Schedule
Monday Oct 27 07.00 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple Grand Opening Weekend TV-PG, CC It's Grand Opening Weekend for Bill's new pet store Rocky and Maggie's. But things get complicated when Jen finds out the results of her latest ultrasound, revealing she needs to get to L.A. for an egg extraction during the grand opening celebration.
Monday Oct 27 07.30 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple New Leash On Life TV-PG, CC Bill and Jen try to put the recent failed egg retrieval behind them and focus on their crazy work schedules. Jen is busy inspecting a new addition to the hospital while Bill brings in a pet psychic to the pet store.
Wednesday Oct 29 07.00 AM (30Minutes)
The Little Couple The Cocktail Party TV-PG, CC Jen is leading the way in new program with the Houston Fire Department in simulation training. It's the first time the hospital and fire department have come together and to celebrate, Jen and Bill are hosting a cocktail reception in their home.
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