The Little Couple

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After over a year of planning and waiting, the Little Couple is finally leaving for India to pick up their adopted daughter, Zoey.
The new season of The Little Couple picks up with Bill and Jen's difficult journey to start a family. The couple is also finishing their new house and exploring the possibility of launching a new business--all while balancing their already-hectic schedules!
Show Schedule
Monday Dec 22 08.00 PM (60Minutes)
The Little Couple (Season 7) Have a Little Faith TV-PG, CC After a year of extreme highs and lows, the Little Couple is ready to enjoy everyday life. First, they’re off to Florida for the long-delayed baptism of Will and Zoey. Afterwards, they hit the road again, heading to Washington D.C.
Monday Dec 22 09.00 PM (60Minutes)
The Little Couple (Season 7) Device Free Day TV-PG, CC Will and Zoey love their devices and are highly skilled at using technology. But Jen and Bill want the family to take some time away from their handheld screens so they head to Jen’s favorite beach in Galveston.
Monday Dec 22 10.00 PM (60Minutes)
The Little Couple (Season 7) First Week of School TV-PG, CC It’s a landmark day for Bill and Jen, the kids’ first day of preschool! Jens attempt at a first-day-of-school picture results in a comical photo. Later Will and Zoey take swim lessons. Will is like a fish in the water but Zoey doesn’t take to the pool.
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