Sister Wives

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Sometimes when you're in a rush it's easy to lose track of the children. This goes for any parents. With so many kids Cody says he sometimes has take take a note from the farming handbook and count the kids like cattle.
Meet Kody Brown, his four wives -- Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn -- their 16 children (plus one on the way)! Follow the Brown family and see how they attempt to navigate life as a normal family in a society that shuns their polygamist lifestyle.
Show Schedule
Sunday Jul 27 02.00 PM (60Minutes)
Sister Wives (Season 5) Meri Drops a Bomb TV-PG, CC The Browns face a chaotic week. They have a meeting with a potential investor for their jewelry line. Christine’s daughter Mykelti brings a boyfriend home. Lastly, Meri drops a bombshell that threatens her close relationship with one sister wife.
Sunday Jul 27 03.00 PM (60Minutes)
Sister Wives (Season 5) Polygamists in a Shark Tank TV-PG, CC The Browns' jewelry business is beginning to overwhelm the wives. Robyn wants to have time for another baby and Meri wants to go back to school. Needing to hire some employees, they've turned to investors for money. But will their pitch sink or swim?
Sunday Jul 27 04.00 PM (30Minutes)
Sister Wives (Season 5) The Big Decision TV-PG, CC As the Browns attempt to secure investors for their businesst, the family learns that a wife’s slip up may have cost them the whole deal. Later, Meri heads to Utah and catches up with a childhood friend. And Janelle continues her weight loss journey.
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